May 022016

Governors-Rally-2016002The division five council meeting was well attended in the Americus Car of the Sam Shortline Excursion Train, and a great success! We were very privileged to have the governor of Georgia Richard Dickson present. Each club represented presented governor Dixon Governors-Rally-2016096with a bullet pointed page detailing some of the projects and fundraisers that each respective club sponsored.
The governors rally was held at the historical Plains community center.

In addition to covering the expenses of the Rally, Bill Bird promised that the gifts to the Governor would be included in the attendance fee. The gift to the Governor was in honor to First Lady Nancy’s request to provide weekend nourishment to school children in the communities served by Division 5. Lt. Governor presented a $50 bill to each club, the Executive Director, Alexia Leber and to Gov. Dixon. The total of $600.
Each club was requested to donate the money to their local food bank or to the “Backpack Programs” in their areas.Governors-Rally-2016097

While the Rally continued with the program, the children went outside to color and assemble paper trains. What fun we had.


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