Dec 082016

Event: Furlow Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser – December 3, 2016
Roland Kauffman reported:

Our Kiwanis club partnering with the Furlow charter school for a pancake fundraiser was a roaring success! Jason Williams (AP) Says they sold all 250 tickets, so at five dollars apiece we raised $1250 for the kiddos!
The Kiwanis teamwork spirit at work made it a pleasure to chair, and kudos to my co-chair Herschel Smith who did a lions share of the workload and even stayed for both shifts…
Chet Crowley, Terrell Turner, George Saratsiotis, Bill Byrd, Sam Peavy, Herschel Smith, myself and Alwen Yeung made up the first shift. For the second shift Herschel and myself were joined by David Ewing, Len Hicks, Bill Shepherd, Bill Krenson and Kevin Kwashnak. (I hope I didn’t leave anybody out).

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